Tuesday, 31 March 2009

what vaccination I need?

YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION is COMPULSORY!!! (now they say it´s NOT...but just in case...)
(you need international document as a proof that you´ve got this vaccination! )
-I was pretty unsure about it and I didn´t know where should I get it...
-just ask your doctor he/she will tell you :)


+hepatitis A and B
+meningococcal meningitis

-there´s no vaccination for MALARIA so travelers should take ANTI-MALARIA MEDICATION

am I scared?

I´m scared I won´t be able to go,
I´m scared I won´t be helpful enough for them,
I´m scared I will develop an allergy to anti-malaria medication and have to come back (that happened to better people than me )
I´m scared I won´t want to go back
I´m scared I won´t have enough place on my memory card to take pictures of everything
I´m scared people won´t understand why I´m going
I´m scared ...

I know it´s dangerous (but I´ve done more dangerous things than going to Kenya and I´ve done them without any reason... - remember bungee-jumping?)volunteering is BEST reason ever and if it´s dangerous then I believe God will stay by my side and keep me company whatever happens - so I´M NOT SCARED

why am I going?

it has been my dream for few years now and so...
till now I believed that everybody wants to do something similar, help, travel, meet...
I know that when I go to Africa it won´t change the world, but it will change the world of those kids in the orphanage. If I´ll make one of them happier, then it´s worth of all the trouble and money.
We can hear people talking about 3rd world countries every day, they say we have to help and they all agree that people living in poor countries need our help.
but they do NOTHING

I know that not everybody can actually go and help right there,and I know that talking about problems is also very important ... but I can go, so I´ll take advantege of it and GO :)

when am I going ?

June 26th-July-August 19th 2009 - that´s the plan (exact date depends on flight ticket availability and my school duties)
-I´ll be staying for 6 weeks 7 weeks

where am I going?

I´m going to volunteer in one orphanage in a small village called Pundamilia - Maragwa, north of Nairobi along the road to Mount Kenya.

The Republic of Kenya is a country in East Africa.
It is bordered by :
-Ethiopia to the north,
-Somalia to the northeast,
-Tanzania to the south,
-Uganda to the west,
-Sudan to the northwest,
with the Indian Ocean running along the southeast border.